Social Bookmarking Strategy

10 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Bookmarking Strategy

Social bookmarking creates mouth-watering opportunities to get people to promote your website and get traffic to it. If the process of getting social bookmarked is done effectively, it wont take you too long to realize a marked increase in traffic to your site.

So what’s there to this process and how do you ensure maximum exposure for your social bookmarking strategy?

1. Create a social network

Social bookmarking is a far more powerful way of generating traffic to your website. There are many major Web 2.0 sites that offer you the opportunity to set up a social network of people caught up with your kind of content.

Let’s say you promote by delivering great content and encourage your agenda through jargons. It’s easy to make such content available to the ‘prospects’ – most of whom will be already in the right frame of mind to visit your site.

The secret is to engage your audience with relevant content so that they can at least connect with the topic on something which is relevant to them. What’s more, is that along with getting them to use your site, you will get another surge of traffic to your website. The truth is that every time they visit your site, you get a better value per hit. Just three minutes of creating great content will reap long-term results.

2. Community Aspect

Having a community aspect in your website is very important. A community is a platform for people to interact with each other.

Obviously, you need to find and arrange for some way to keep people involved. This will ensure repeat visits to your website.

3. Take advantage of Web 2.0

Social bookmarking can bring you a lot of passive income by leveraging these resources. You can get bookmarked in a number of social bookmarking sites. These sites have their own Web 2.0 concepts which allow people to get connected in a friendly environment.

These sites are managed and updated by people, which ensure repeat visits to websites and this is an ongoing process. Get on stack today under the web 2.0 platforms and see how differently they can offer you advantages.

4. Automate the Process

The more you automate the process – the more you will benefit. Time is money and it is incredibly important to automate as many of the aspects of your social bookmarking strategy as possible.

5. Appropriate Keywords

People using Social Bookmarking sites need keywords to be able to flock to your site. Be specific such as bookmarking a specific link.

There are many tools that help you in finding appropriate keywords. The tool will help you determine the number of inbound links the keyword has. It will tell you the number of pages on the sites that link to the keyword.

My personal preference is using Web CEO. This software presents you with automated web page analysis and tells you the number of pages that link to your site and also ranks the sites that link to your site.


Let’s not forget how important it is to understand HTML. You will need to know how to do this particular process. To do so, you will need to have at least basic HTML knowledge as well.

For instance, you will have to know codes that bring your site together. For people not familiar with web coding, it’s often necessary to use ready-made programs such as DreamWeaver and FrontPage.

There are also other programs that are specific to HTML. You will have to do some research to find out which ones are suitable for you.

7. Informative Content

Ensure that people run across your content. Open a discussion on this thread and get people to react to your site in a positive manner. Quality information will not only generate an image of being a credible organization – it will also get you more visits than if you simply have content that you hope will generate traffic.

8. Simple Rules

Who wants to follow rules? It’s a boring concept isn’t it? Do not forget that as with anything else, quality is far more important than quantity.

For instance, don’t organize your links by alphabet. Organize your links by category. This will help people identify your site through better keywords – it will also help in your SEO campaign.

9. BUT…

This means you cannot forget keywords since they are extremely important to your social bookmarking strategy.

10. The Conclusion

Social Bookmarking is an important marketing tool for your website. Remember to use it correctly and you will reap the benefits. The only way you know how good it will work for you is when you experience the results. Hopefully this will happen.

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