Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it really free?
A. Yep – our Banner Exchange is 100% free for all members.

Q. Who pays for it then?
A. To keep it free, we incorporate some of our own, and some paid advertisements into the rotation.

Q. Are my details private?
A. Absolutely. We take your privacy very seriously and this is detailed in our comprehensive Privacy Policy.

Q. What banner sizes do you support?
A. We support a standard 460×60 banner as seen at the top of this page. We have a 468×60 banner for top of page only, and 468×60 sized banner for anywhere on the page as long as it can be seen.

Q. How quickly can my account be setup?
A. Account activation is immediate. We do however manually validate all sites which join our exchange to make sure there are no sites with inappropriate content.

Q. I changed some of my details and now my account is on hold – what does this mean?
A. If you make any changes to your account, we have to approve your changes first. This is in case somebody were to sign up as a legitimate site, only to change the URL to an inappropriate site after joining. Reactivication is very fast.

Q. I have a question. Who do I ask?
A. Please look at our contact page. You can email any of the contacts depending on the nature of your enquiry.

Q. How quickly do you respond to technical support?
A. We will always answer your emails within 24 hours, often alot sooner.

Q. What are these pop-under windows?
Our pop-under windows take our exchange to another level and offer you even more visitors. When someone enters your site, a window will pop open ‘underneath’ your website with another members website in it. For every 2 visitors to your site, you are guaranteed a further 1 visitor to your own site. For example, if you get 100 visitors a day at the moment, you will get at least 150 visitors with our system.

Q. How many pages can I place the pop-under code in?
A. Place the code in as many pages as you wish. It’s best to place the code in all your pages as visitors to your site may enter on different pages.

Q. Will visitors to my site keep seeing pop-under windows on every page?
A. No, the visitors to your site should only see a single pop-under during any visit to your site.

If you still have any questions, please contact us.


Banner Specifications

We currently support one banner size in two different placements, and our pop-under windows.

468×60 – Top Placement
The 468×60 banner is the most popular choice due to the size. The banner at the top of this page in an example of a 468×60 banner.
We support 2 kinds of 468×60 banner; one which must be placed on the top half of your pages, and the other which can be placed on any part of your pages.
Quick Specs:- 460 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, maximum file size of 15k, GIF or JPEG.

468×60 – Anywhere on page
This banner can be placed anywhere on your pages as long as it can easily be seen. This does not have to be on the top half of the screen as the above example has to be.
Quick Specs:- 460 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, mazimum file size of 13k, GIF or JPEG.

Pop-Under Windows
Our pop-under windows open your site in a window size of 700×420 pixels. We DO NOT allow the pop-under code to be placed on any page which has other pop-up/pop-under code on it and your pages must not automatically refresh to maximum screen size.

Note: We only allow 1 graphic banner per page. Pages may contain a graphic banner and the pop-under code if desired.

Think we need to support additional sizes?  Please let us know.